Businesses trying to sell their product or service are constantly dealing with the handicap of being overworked and understaffed. In sales and marketing, this could not be more relevant. The influx of leads and the quality of them often result in managers panicking as they try to scale leads without scaling their team.

The problem is in the middle of the funnel. And although there is “conversational marketing” and expensive tech stacks that claim to solve this problem, most of them solve only part of the problem. 


Many marketing and sales teams know the importance of conversations with leads. Conversational marketing is a widely used “solution” but there are ways they aren’t completely cutting it.

Chatbots converse with the lead, making the initial contact with prospects more personable and interactive. However, we’d go as far as to say a Chatbot is basically no different than an inquiry form, seeing as it’s only the difference between a lead filling out a form and submitting their information to a chatbot. 

The questions a Chatbot asks a website visitor are the same questions a lead would fill out on the inquiry page. Many companies are not always aware of this as it does not count as lead qualification. It’s simply the entryway of your sales funnel.

Purchasing softwares to assist sales and marketing needs to be controlled in the most reductive sense. Essentially, how can you capitalize on the most leads with the least amount of tech stacks for the most amount of ROI? Chatbots, though they seem to generate more leads, don’t fulfill a lot of the problems in the sales funnel, so it’s important to note what other gaps Chatbots seem to neglect:

  • Lead follow-up 
  • Genuine language and conversation
  • Qualification


With a misaligned funnel, it doesn’t really matter if the Chatbot generates 500 more leads per month, there are leads still being lost. How? If a lead answers all of the Chatbots questions, there is still typically a 50% chance businesses won’t follow up within 24 hours. Even after five minutes of no contact, the chances of getting a consumer to purchase shrinks substantially.

Often businesses see these holes and they begin investing more money into other sales funnel solutions to fix them. And although Chatbots can be a great asset, the most ROI will be found in a solution that lets sales focus on qualified prospects and simultaneously gives data back to


of consumers say they expect Chatbots to have some sort of negative impact on their buying experience.

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Let Sales Focus On The Qualified

Ultimately, it’s possible to have a minimal amount of software and still be able to reach all leads. Chatbots only deal with marketing leads, so it’s not even catering to the full funnel, other softwares have their own contingencies. 

When leads come in, they need to be scored on whether they’re engaging or not. When they see how a lead is qualified or scores high enough, salespeople should be notified. So if you have a great sales team that is talented at what they do, Chatbots are still leaving them to do extra tasks in the handoff. 

There should be something in place to score leads and notify sales of qualified prospects so they can focus on the “ready-to-purchase” leads. No salesperson wants to get an appointment with someone who isn’t a good fit or won’t purchase.

An All-in-One Software Solution

Tech stacks aren’t all overpriced and ineffective. In fact, the solution really is simple. What we know to be true when it comes to lead management is:

  • A lead should be contacted within five minutes of being generated (at any hour of day)
  • A lead should be given a range of communication options for their comfort
  • A lead should be nurtured for up to six months and qualified before booking an appointment with a sales representative

Verse decided this solution could be made simple. An all-in-one lead conversion software, set to integrate with any CRM tool for any sales and marketing team. This software would be hosted by a 24/7 modern contact center, where AI ensures the effectiveness of communication while human representatives standby to step in where personable language is necessary. 

This software initiates conversation with every lead at all hours of the day at any day of the year. The leads are offered text, email, or phone communication and are nurtured for six months. Verse’s Success team helps our clients create a pre-generated script for qualifying questions so our contact center can live transfer or book an appointment with your sales team.

Verse created this lead conversion software to ensure a solid and aligned sales funnel, where marketing can get real data from qualified leads and sales can stop wasting their time chasing down prospects who aren’t even going to purchase. Instilling this software and program, overall, creates a more unified and profitable sales funnel. 

The results are in the ROI. Lead conversion is notably the most difficult obstacle in the sales funnel. An all-in-one software solution that gives you the maximum conversion rate? Can’t get much better than that.

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