G2 Announces Verse.io as Top 10 in AI Sales Assistant

G2 Announces Verse.io as Top 10 in AI Sales Assistant

The Summer reports for G2 are in and Verse.io is officially in the Top 10 for Conversational Marketing and  AI Sales Assistant Software alongside Conversica, Drift, HubSpot and more!

Here are all of the awards and badges given to Verse.io

High Performer Conversation Marketing Software and High Performer AI Sales Assistants reflect the highly satisfied customer scores by our reviewers!

Users Love Us reflects the high star rating given by our customers!

5/5 stars for Verse.io on G2 Crowd.

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Forbes: The Lead Conversion Gap Every Company Struggles With

Forbes: The Lead Conversion Gap Every Company Struggles With

Excerpt from: Forbes.com

The general relationship between sales and marketing teams has always proven to be challenging. Marketing teams work hard to drive leads but are often frustrated with sales teams not engaging those prospects quickly enough or not following up to nurture them as needed. Sales teams are equally frustrated by high volumes of low-quality leads they have to chase down, sift through and scramble to respond to 24/7, which is unrealistic. Clearly, there is a “gap” in the marketing and sales funnel, leading to a huge number of missed opportunities, lost time and money.

Over the last 10 years, there’s been a massive shift in how consumers prefer to communicate with businesses.   We live in a world of apps, bots and buttons, and people have become accustomed to engaging on their own time and terms. Yet many businesses have failed to adapt. For example, 89% of consumers prefer to engage with a business by text; yet businesses are still calling prospects that don’t answer the phone.

Though the challenges of optimizing your lead conversion may be great, the opportunities are even greater. Here are a few pieces of advice for sales and marketing teams that may create an instant lift to your business.

Offer SMS Communication

Getting a prospect to pick up the phone or open your email campaigns is a shot in the dark. Consumers are tired of robocalls and spam emails, making these forms of contact ineffective on their own.

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