Architecture Marketing: Online or Offline?

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Marketing within the architecture industry has turned into a single objective: get to your customers before your competitors do. With the change of consumer habits, architecture companies have had to make a switch from their typical ways of connecting with customers. Instead of traditional offline marketing and in-person canvassing, architecture firms began to embrace a digital marketing approach to lead generation in the hopes of maintaining a consistent flow of customers and a stable business.

There are tons of architectural marketing ideas out there. Pulling them all together into a cohesive marketing strategy is the key. This is especially important for startup firms. Without a solid marketing strategy, you may not make a dent in the market share your competitors enjoy. Of course, established companies also need to keep marketing themselves if they’re to enjoy continued success and a steady growth.

With the previously offline marketing-centric approach in the architectural engineering and construction solutions (AECS) market, a void was left and many leads were not catered to without the use of digital marketing. But there is value in relationship-building, both in the physical and digital worlds, and creating a strategy that best fits your company’s needs. So, it is essential for this growing industry to up-level its marketing game.

Traditional Offline Marketing

Analog marketing is contingent on first building relationships with the ideal architecture customer before selling to them through genuine, personalized interactions.

An offline marketing strategy can be as simple as using the following methods:

  • Sending a handwritten card

  • Sending a small gift without pitching your company. 

  • Direct mail or brochure of custom built homes

  • Radio or Billboard Advertisements

  • Speaking engagements (virtual or in-person conferences)

While it isn’t the face-to-face relationship architecture firms are used to, these can still be authentic and genuine exchanges. Using offline marketing can help extenuate the relationships with your buyers and earn their trust.. AESC is a big expenditure for consumers, so trust is a defining factor in their decision with which company they choose to do business.

Online Marketing and Efficiency

Digital marketing has become the locomotive for the AESC market’s lead generation efforts. Before COVID-19, the majority of architecture leads came in through door-to-door sales and customer referrals. Today, most architecture firms are depending heavily on outsourced lead generation via Facebook and Google Ads.

With online marketing, the need to qualify and convert leads fast becomes significantly more important than before. When prospective customers reach out to multiple architecture companies at once, there is a constant threat of your competitors getting to these leads before you.

With that in mind, architecture firms need to take their digital marketing to the next level, setting themselves apart from the competition. 

Combining Online and Offline Marketing for Consistent Success

If your marketing team engages leads authentically and fast as a result of employing  a 24/7 modern contact center like, your brand has a good chance of becoming an industry leader in customer retention. Making the customer feel important and catered to not only boosts the number of closed deals and the revenue growth but increases your chances of customers referring you to their friends. is a next-generation lead conversion platform for engaging, qualifying, nurturing, and converting inbound leads into new clients for our architecture customers. We serve as an extension of your team. Our AI technology and human concierges help our architecture clients with processing new leads and re-engage old leads generated by your Marketing, book appointments with and make call transfers to your Sales, and make your company appear much bigger and more professional to your customers! 

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