Analog vs. Digital Marketing: The Fight for Solar Consumer’s Attention

Feb 17, 2021 | All, Blog, Marketing, Solar

Marketing within the solar industry has turned into a single objective: get to your customers before your competitors do. When COVID-19 hit the U.S., solar companies had to make a quick switch from their typical way of connecting with customers. Instead of in-person canvassing, solar companies have had to embrace a digital approach to lead generation in the hopes of maintaining consistent business. And there was plenty of business. 

Consumers sought out every possible opportunity to refinance their home after the pandemic took its toll. This led to a massive increase of business within the mortgage, solar and home service industries. But as the market began to heat up, so too did the competition for these lead opportunities – especially for solar companies who purchase their leads.. 

Lead generation companies don’t usually give leads to one company, and if they do, it’s for an insanely high price. This means when a lead comes in, it has also been sent to three or more other solar companies who are fighting for that lead’s business. 

Solar companies have had to shift just about everything in their approach with leads because of this. There’s more competition than there was before and with the fiscal impacts of COVID-19 looming, there is more on the line than ever before.

With the previously analog marketing-centric approach in solar through canvassing, a desperate void in digital marketing became the new problem to tend to internally. But there is value in the relationship-building, both on and offline and solar companies should be figuring out how to balance the two in a pandemic. 

Analog meets digital in COVID-19

Analog marketing is contingent on getting to build relationships with the market before selling to them through genuine, personalized interactions. In 2020, canvassing took a backseat as social distancing became the new norm. Some companies even stepped away from on-site appointments and gave quotes virtually through evaluations on Google Maps.

Nonetheless, the solar industry lost their power in developing in-person relationships with their buyers. This is why solar had to shift their analog marketing to something a little more digital and socially distant approach.

Analog marketing in COVID-19 can look like:

  • Sending a handwritten card
  • Sending a small gift without pitching your company. 
  • Emailing relevant and helpful content at the right time 
  • Engaging authentically with consumers on social media

While it isn’t the face-to-face relationship building solar is used to, remember to be authentic and genuine in your exchanges. Your goal is to develop relationships with these buyers so they will trust you with their business. Solar is a big purchase for people and that means trust goes a long way.

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A case for digital marketing’s efficiency

Digital marketing has become the pioneer for solar’s lead generation efforts. Prior to COVID-19, the majority of leads came in through door-to-door sales and customer referrals. Today, most solar companies are depending heavily on outsourced lead generation via Facebook and Google Ads.

It’s a much bigger feat for solar companies as the need to qualify and convert leads becomes significantly more important than before. With leads going to multiple solar companies at once, there is a looming reminder that your competitors could get to these leads before you.

With that in mind, solar companies need to take their digital marketing to the next level, setting themselves apart from their competitors. Verse has spent the past eight years studying the behaviors of consumers and came up with an all-in-one solution to efficiently and effectively qualify and convert leads into on-site appointments.

We do all of this 24/7 by:

  • Contacting the lead within 5 minutes of generating. This makes the lead 21x more likely to close a deal with you. 
  • Texting the lead first before offering a phone call or email communication if the lead prefers. 89% of consumers prefer to text, while 98% of texts get read giving you the ultimate connection rate with leads.
  • Converting the lead after asking qualifying questions that make sure they are a good fit for installing solar. Asking questions about their home owning status, current electric bill, roof style and credit score relieves your team from sifting through quality leads.
  • Nurturing leads for up to six months until they’re ready to buy. 
  • Booking on-site appointments for your sales team so they can focus on closing deals with teed-up buyers. This increases efficiency and productivity within your team.
  • Presenting real-time analytics so you can see which lead gen sources are providing the highest quality leads. Scale and spend more efficiently with your marketing budget by allocating toward the right lead generation company.

Combining digital and analog for consistent success

With your marketing team engaging authentically with customers and a 24/7 modern contact center in place, your brand has become a pioneer in customer retention. Making the customer feel important and catered to not only increases closed deals and revenue, but increases your chances at customers referring you to their friends. 

If they had an excellent buying experience with you from beginning to end, they’re sure to talk about it and you are sure to earn the profit from it.

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