2019 is already shaping up to be one for the books. As we look upon Quarter 1, we can now lay claim to 6 comprehensive insights reports that date back to Quarter 4 of 2017 – each one providing a deeper dive into lead data and consumer behavior.

When we started the Verse Insights Report (AIR) over a year ago, it seemed like a titanic endeavor. All of that DATA: Endless phone calls, conversations, feedback from both agents AND leads, anecdotal evidence from our Concierges… Our scripts were continually refined, helping not only with our qualification, but also in our data collecting efforts to better understand leads.

5 quarters, 1+ year, and an endless number of lead conversations later – we’re excited to present you with some of our best insights yet, a la the 2019 Q1 Verse Insights Report. Real estate leads are an enigma. They’re never entirely sure about what or even when they want to buy or sell. They’re fed false information, hard to reach, quick to change their mind, and coming in at all times of the night. We’ve made it our business to solve the puzzle that is lead qualification – learning the best ways to filter out unqualified leads, while nurturing and qualifying the rest. Throughout our mission, we’ve come to identify the symptoms of a cold lead, the signs of a lead that is ready to buy, and the indicators of a lead that will be good in a few months.

Below is a sneak peek at what you’ll find in the latest report: Not all leads are created equal. Our analysis of over 1 million conversations has uncovered some very interesting findings. Specifically, the manner in which a lead is generated has some bearing on how viable that prospect is. For instance, Portal Leads have the highest engagement rate. In our estimation, we propose that is due to them being further down the funnel and closer to buying/selling – all of which results in an engagement rate of 77%!  

With thousands of leads running through Verse daily, we have a unique glimpse into the minds of potential buyers and sellers. This presents another opportunity to assist those agents who purchase leads, because AIR Q1-2019 also includes the Top 4 Converting Lead Sources!

Our list of fun facts also includes other pertinent stats that help inform our business model and engagement strategy. One such vital tidbit is that 82% of leads who respond to our initial text are qualified after the following phone call.   This kind of responsiveness inspired our push for Live Transfer, allowing agents to take advantage of these type of hot prospects and strike while the iron’s hot! As you know, Verse is 24/7 platform which services the entire U.S. market (and Canada, eh). As a result, this gives us the power to analyze the flow and performance of your leads,around the clock. For example, 57% of all leads are generated during nights and weekends. Digging deeper, did you know that during this time span , 53% of SMS conversations occur?

I know, that blew our minds too. Lastly, our extensive data, research and engineering has paved the way for a dashboard of insights that is personalized to you, our agents. This dashboard was inspired by all the impact and feedback brought on by AIR, and we’re excited to continue empowering agents to succeed!

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