As a masonry contractor, you’re marketing to a very specific audience: general contractors and design/build firms who are looking for masonry experts. There may only be a handful of them in your area and your competitors are also trying to get their attention and their business, therefore having a solid marketing plan is instrumental in increasing sales.

To market your business  effectively to the firms you most want to work with and beat your competition, a good strategy to try is account based marketing (ABM). With ABM, you’ll market specifically to the accounts that are most likely to hire your company, rather than sending out mass marketing campaigns. In this blog, we have laid out a couple of pointers to help you develop a successful ABM program.

1. Targeting Decision-Makers

Who’s responsible for deciding which masonry subcontractor will be used on a specific project? Knowing the person in charge of making this important decision is the first step in determining where your marketing efforts should be directed at. You can also target superintendents known for maintaining a great project environment or getting the job done promptly. Take the time to find out who is responsible for making such decisions at target construction companies, then market to them directly

2. Personalizing Your Marketing Communications

What is it that this specific general contractor or superintendent is looking for in their subcontractors? Researching what a contractor is looking for, you can personalize your marketing communications to show how your masonry firm can fill their needs. Be specific about how your skills and experience match your target audience’s requirements. Here is where you can also be creative in how you approach the firm in terms of choice of medium.

3. Giving Gifts

Everyone likes to receive a gift!  A small custom gift that highlights your company while being personalized to the decision-maker can go a long way in getting attention and building trust with your potential customers. Sendoso is a great tool in helping you send out impactful direct mail or fancy company swag to those selected individuals.

4. Keep Nurturing

Connections won’t immediately turn into sales, especially during your slow seasons. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should forget about your account-based marketing efforts! Keep nurturing those important connections. They’re thinking about upcoming projects, not about the ones they’ve already started–and those are the ones you need to think about, too. If your pipeline is dry, this is the chance to outsource lead gen as well and find new projects to market for with industry reports.

ABM and

Developing an account-based marketing strategy is a great way to connect more effectively with general contractors and help put your company out there for the work you want to do most. 

Now that you have those leads, it is crucial that your lead follow-up can maintain its effectiveness, even with an exponential increase in lead volume. Following up with leads quickly is a must. It can be the difference between getting new customers and losing them to the competition.

Adding the Verse solution to your martech can be a catalyst in increasing your lead conversion rates through our next-generation platform. engages, qualifies, nurtures, and converts inbound leads into new clients for our masonry customers. We serve as an extension of your team. Our AI technology and human concierges help businesses with processing new leads and re-engage old leads generated by your Marketing, book appointments with and make call transfers to your Sales, and make your company appear much bigger and more professional to your customers.

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