We’ve compiled a list of takeaways from our time at Inman Connect Las Vegas – including personal insights and crucial lessons from the biggest presentations! The event was a blast! 🚀- marked by good times, big names, scorching heat, new relationships, and phenomenal sessions and panels.

So for those who weren’t able to attend or who are looking to relive the experience, we have you covered! Read on to see our highlights – both from the standpoint as exhibitors and from the perspective of attendees!

9: Present yourself as a subject matter expert

This one is a bit biased here.

If you don’t know why, it’s because our very own David Tal joined an illustrious panel of industry veterans to discuss the importance of presenting yourself as a subject matter expert. In this capacity, being a subject matter expert not only does wonders for elevating your brand/optics, but the pursuit of being an expert is the surest path to improvement and innovation.

“Out innovate yourself. Conduct yourself and your business like the company you want to be in 12 months from now. Create a niche for yourself.”

Being a “subject matter expert” forces you in a position of constant and never-ending improvement, something that will pay off in every way.

8: $2/day is a great way to build awareness

All Inman sessions were phenomenal – complete with their fair share of Star Power and Industry Expertise. Particularly, we found the Marketing Track (sponsored by Shred Media) to be particularly valuable – a full day spent on equipping real estate professionals with all of the tips, tricks, and techniques necessary to conquer the industry.

One such tip involved building awareness cheaply and effectively through a low-risk/high-reward tactic (the best kind).

“Building awareness first means better conversions later” – Jason Frazier

The full scope of their strategy includes 6 simples steps

Step 1: Record 4 vertical videos from your phone (1-3 minutes each)
Step 2: Post the 1st video to your business page
Step 3: Wait 24 hours, then run an ad or boost for video views
Step 4: Target a radius of 25-35 miles around where you conduct business
Step 5: Run video ad for $1-$2 per day over a week
Step 6: Rinse, Repeat for all videos
Bonus Step: Profit

The returns on this paltry investment translated into reaching as many as 2300 people – all for as little as $7. And as we know, the name of the game is getting in front of as many potential prospects as possible.

7: Commenting is just as important as Contenting

This little gem came to us courtesy of a panel with Michele Bellisari and Sue Pinky Benson – both of whom host their own respective suites of fantastic tips and resources (so be sure to check them out).

However, this tip is as simple as it gets: comment, comment, and comment some more. As your probably aware already, most social media platforms prioritize content with the highest amount of engagement – such as likes, comments, and shares. The more you have, the more “reach” you will achieve with your posts.

But a better reason than just trying to crack some algorithm – taking the time to comment back has the chance to make an instant connection with a potential client.

In the words of the remarkable Gary Vee:

“When you care about the end consumer, good things happen… because there’s a bigger emotional connection… If you want to change the world, you need to dhange it person-by-person-by-person to show that you give a [duck].”

So get quacking on those replies.

6: Flash Briefings are the new way to go

Another Shred Media/Industry Syndicate presentation. Another highlight. Jason Frazier AND Dustin Brohm took the stage at separate junctions to speak about the rise and importance of Flash Briefings.

What is a Flash Briefing, you might ask? Well, gather ‘round and listen up…

Flash Briefings are essentially mini-podcasts – up to 10 minutes of pre-recorded audio that can be listened to via Amazon Alexa devices/apps.

Why would this matter to you? Excitingly, ownership of smart speakers have blossomed to 66 million people – a number that is rapidly rising. And in terms of consumer engagement, Voice content is quickly gaining traction at a rate that is faster than video. Lastly, 65% of users between the ages of 25-49 use voice search daily.

Yes, we know – music to your ears (literally). As a real estate expert, you can utilize this platform to connect with your community by creating relevant content. At 2-3 minutes a pop, it’s easy to spin up some sustainable content that will provide you yet another way to get found.

Learn more about it here.

5: Watch time is important

Switching gears from voice to video, the next takeaway is all about how Youtube and Instagram measures video engagement. In much the same way that was mentioned earlier – comments, likes and shares play a pivotal role in the organic success of your video content. The difference here, however, is that watch time also has a significant impact on your performance. It’s not just about capturing eyeballs, but how long you can hold their attention.

This is a concept that was broached by a number of experts during the Marketing Track – including the likes of Kyle Whissel, aforementioned Michelle B and Pinky, and even Karin Carr. The latter, of Keller Williams and YoutubeForAgents.com, delved into how to achieve this. Taking it a step further, Karin stressed the importance of capturing their attention quickly – kicking off videos with interesting visuals or getting straight to the point.

Basically, for any hope of long watch times, you only have about 5-6 seconds to capture someone’s attention or else you’ll lose them. 5-6 seconds: around the same length as a Youtube bumper ad. Coincidence?

4: Booth Crawls

Loosening up leads and colleagues through liquid libations is always a recipe for a good conversion/conversation. But that’s only if they stick around long enough to chat…That’s all we’ll say about that. #GrabNGo #YouKnowWhoYouAre

3: Swipe Up hack

This one was particularly mind-blowing for us! Jason Cassity from Compass just broke the Instagram matrix – McGuyvering a way to take advantage of the “Swipe Up” feature of Instagram stories…. Without needing 10k followers

We’ve covered before the importance using Instagram for you Real Estate marketing efforts. Practically everyone is ‘Gramming – making it the ideal place to build awareness and engagement while ultimately locating your next lead. If you’re really looking to take advantage, you should be using Instagram Stories! For typical instagram posts, you can’t insert any links. Only the single link you’re allowed to place within your profile bio. So if you’re looking to get sign ups from that new Listing your just shared, you have to encourage people to “check out bio for link to learn more”, and then cross your fingers in hope that they actually do it.

Instagram Stories, on the other hand, allows you to insert a link per story, prompting your audience to ‘Swipe Up’ if they’re interested in what they see. Unfortunately, this is a feature that’s only reserved for profiles with over 10k followers.
But fret not, because Jason Cassity has just cracked the code for the betterment of all of us! You can take advantage of advertising on Instagram stories by simply running that story as an ad – for as little as $1/day.

Additionally, utilizing this method opens up your audience – getting your content in front of the eyeballs of those who aren’t currently following you (and therefore, possible new sources of business). Given that you can define these audiences, the ball is in your court.

2: Teamwork honestly makes the dreamwork

Don’t short change the amount of impact you could have by bringing your whole team. It proves to be a learning experience for everyone involved, builds team camaraderie, expedites all types of set up and logistics, and ultimately presents a much more significant presence at the tradeshow. Lastly, the variety of Verse seniority and roles that made a showing at Inman translated into a full scope presentation of our product throughout every meeting. From Directors of Success to Account Executives – if there’s a question or concern, there was a representative on site that could answer it.

TL;DR Bring your whole squad. Everyone gets to level up together, and your team looks great while doing it.

1: Keep it cool… The space suit is too hot

Believe it or not, Kevlar isn’t the most comfortable in 110 degree weather.

Ok, in the full spirit of transparency, we may have skimped on some of the space suit materials used by NASA. Ours is less polymer and more polyester.

And according to Bob, the bladder layer is certainly a portion we shouldn’t have cut corners on. Along with the sweltering confines, the get up definitely made for some…sticky situation.

But ohhhh so worth it