6 Ways to Convert Blog Visitors into Leads

Nov 16, 2020 | Marketing, All, Blog

Once you start getting traffic to your blog, the next step is turning those blog visitors into customers. It’s rare for a first-time visitor to make a purchase, so it’s essential to make sure they stay engaged with your site. Below are six ways to keep them coming back for more.

Email Subscriptions

The most common way to bring your readers back is to present them with new content on a timely basis. Make a schedule of how often you want to post material and stick to it. People don’t want to be inundated with constant messages, but they most likely want to be kept informed if they gave you their email address.

Your emails should be concise, to the point, and informative. When you post new content to your site, send out notifications with a direct link to the page containing the post. A link within your email that takes readers to your homepage can be a turn-off, particularly if you are posting about a new product or service. Try to avoid creating an extra level of searching for no reason. 

The subject line should be short, aim for 7 to 10 words. Cliffhanger subject lines remind many customers of “clickbait” and can make them disregard your messages.  Additionally, personalizing is very important. Use their name in the greeting or subject line if you have it.

Calls To Action

A blog post that ends with the request to leave a comment is missing out on a prime opportunity to get your readers engaged. A Call To Action (CTA) is something you put in your posts that inspire your readers to perform an action. It can be anything from downloading a file, following a link for more information, or signing up for emails and promotions.  

Anything that would require an extra bit of effort on your reader’s part is worth the effort. Once a person is actively participating in your blog, they go from a passive observer to an interested party. Effort equals investment.

Placement is essential for CTA’s. Readers may not scroll to the end, so placing it at the top makes the most sense. However, there is such a thing as banner blindness, which causes people to skip past something that appears to be an ad. If the CTA is related to your blog post, try to link it somewhere within the first 50% of the post.

The perfect position for placing a CTA is something of an artform when done properly. If you’re not naturally a good writer, then consider outsourcing to get your blog’s CTAs done properly.

Limited Promotions

Similar to sending emails about new posts or general information, make sure you are taking advantage of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) by creating sales or promotions for a limited time and getting that information out to them. If you have social media accounts, sending out an exclusive deal for subscribers can bring in traffic focused on buying. Always make sure links within your posts lead directly to the product page on your site. 

Informative Videos

Creating videos that provide additional information related to your posts can keep your readers engaged with your site longer. Short informational videos about related topics, guides to using your products, or simply offering an audible version of your post that can be downloaded and listened to later, all enhance the relationship you are building with your readers.

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E-Books and White Papers

How-to-guides and downloadable eBooks are popular when your site is focused on providing a service or products that need training and complicated instructions for use. A post that discusses topics that could be expanded into longer formats or combining multiple related posts is perfect for eBooks. How-to’s that give real-world examples or show more detailed information can increase your customers’ confidence and willingness to purchase products that may have intimidated them with their complexity.


This strategy will require some investment, so be sure to keep an eye on your ROI if you choose it. Remarketing is a service provided by a marketing company that will place tracking pixels on your pages/images that will follow your viewer if they leave and go to another page. It tells the ads on the next pages they go to, which have the necessary ad setup, to show your products’ images as a reminder.  For example, Facebook ads always seem to be in tune with your recent searches and will list products you just happened to be looking for on another site. 

Always make sure whatever you post has a way to go a step farther, whether with links to additional related content, downloadable files, or email sign-ups. Set a schedule to keep creating new content and send out notifications promptly.  Lastly, set a high standard for your posts’ quality and that will leave the best impression and prompt readers to return again and again.

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