5 Simple Ways to Boost Sales for Home Services

Apr 12, 2021 | All, Blog, Home Services

The home services industry has changed dramatically over the last few years, especially within marketing and sales. Digital marketing has taken over as a way to create fair play for home service companies at a larger scale and boost sales through inbound leads.

Every marketing and sales initiative revolves around attracting, engaging and delighting customers so they turn into lifelong buyers and give more referrals. In order for the two teams to keep growing the business, there needs to be real investment and ROI in marketing and sales efforts regarding your lead’s experiences.

There are plenty of options as far as where to invest your efforts. To keep it focused, we listed the top five investments your sales and marketing teams can make in order to boost sales and increase revenue:


A blog is a perfect starting point for your website as consistent content poses your business as a thought leader and resource for customers. Majority of customers are doing digital research before choosing a business to work with and a blog is one of the biggest influencers in their decision. 

In order to be consistent about your blog here are some tips:

  1. Have people within your sales and marketing or even executive team write one blog a quarter. Having multiple authors can help diversify opinions and provide legitimacy to the employees of your company within the home services industry.
  2. Outsource your blog if it’s too much of a workload. Content Panel is an inexpensive option to release thoughtful and well-researched content on a consistent basis.
  3. Hire a copywriter. They don’t have to do just blogs but giving someone the ownership of content can help relieve any worry about providing content consistently.

Invest in Sharing Content and your Business

You’re creating content. Now what? Marketing is one of the most important investments to the sales funnel as it generates demand and awareness about your brand in your community, which inherently boosts sales. However, marketing is just that: an investment. Results won’t be quick and it takes strategy and consistent trial and error in order to find long term success. However, it can launch your business tremendously when done well.

Whether you decide to outsource your marketing efforts or grow your marketing team internally, there are ways to get your business’ name and content out for customers to see. The goal is to attract or lure your target market and eventually convert them into a business opportunity.

  1. Website – Make sure your website is mobile friendly and fast loading. Create a site that tells a story without too much copy or distracting imagery. Design a site around the customer’s experience and expectations. What are they hoping to get from your site?
  2. SEO – Through blog content and your website, you can organically attract your target market through SEO. This will be a long term investment with little reward up front. However, once the traffic picks up, it’s going to be tenfold.
  3. Local search – People are using Google and Bing to tell them which companies are best to use. Make sure when building out SEO to consider what your local customers are searching (i.e. Denver plumbers or Roofing installation in Oklahoma City).
  4. PPC (pay per click) – if you’ve given a lot of effort toward your website and content, the goal is to get your market there to read it. Sometimes, it means putting yourself out there above the rest through pay per click. Monitor and optimize conversion rates regularly and see if PPC is successful for your website traffic and lead generation.
  5. Direct Mail/Email – Think of this as making a delivery to your market. If you’re going for a targeted area, sending direct mail and collateral with a little swag can be pretty influential for brand awareness. If it’s not in the budget, email is a great way to deliver your content and value to customers digitally.
  6. Social Media – It’s free. It’s where everyone in your target market is collaborating. It’s a no brainer. The real investment is in the time it takes to consistently post, engage and create copy. If you can do it, you’ll see a lot more customers finding more about who you are and what you can do for them.


Every customer loves a good deal and they love deals they can’t say no to, especially. Create incentives to buy through deals that expire and bring relief to your buyers. That way they are understanding that the relief has a window of opportunity and they better take advantage of it now. Even offering payment plans can get you ahead of your competition.

Boost Sales with Lead Follow-Up and Nurturing

Following up with leads quickly is a must. It can be the difference between a new customer and business being lost to your competition. People are impatient and tend to go to the brand that caters to their needs the quickest. So if a lead is coming in at 7pm on a Friday and no one gets back to them until Monday, you’re risking the lead changing their mind.

Some leads are just looking as they are planning ahead. This is why nurturing your leads for at least six months is also a necessity. There is gold in your database and if it’s sitting untouched, that’s just missed opportunities. 

If you want to boost sales with leads you are already generating, put something in place to cover 24/7 lead follow up and nurturing. Whether hiring SDRs or BDRs or outsourcing with someone like Verse, your customer base will grow tremendously when you optimize lead follow up and nurturing.

Referral Program and Reviews

Your existing customers are some of your best advocates. If you provided them with a great product or service, they’re likely to purchase from you again… and possibly even share with their peers. In order to guarantee this response, incentivize your customers with a mouth-watering loyalty or referral program. They will help bring demand to your business.

If it’s too large of a feat, encourage small incentives for reviews. Part of the research consumers do revolves around testimonials from other buyers. They’ll read your Google Reviews and make a decision based on positive and negative reviews. Offer your buyers a chunk off their bill or free shipping in exchange for reviews. You’ll see future buyers trust you before they’ve even purchased from you.


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