In a time where shifts and changes are inevitable or necessary, it’s important to come back to the foundation of what’s important in order to keep your business running and growing. Consumers are intuitive in the buying process and desire a comfortable experience with your sales teams.

With that being said, there are five things you cannot stop doing no matter what, unless you want to see leads and potential customers fall through the cracks:

Can’t stop responding to your inbound leads.

Your leads, whether they come in during the work week or in the middle of the night, should always have a timely response. Why? Not only do 50% of leads end up purchasing from the business who responds first, but you are 21x more likely to close a deal when you answer within the first five minutes after a lead fills out an inquiry.

Is it likely your sales team will be ready to answer that 3AM lead? No. But there are options. Hiring a lead conversion platform, like Verse, will ensure every lead is accounted for, including the ones coming in after-hours, on weekends, and during holidays.


of leads purchase from the first business to respond

times more likely to close if you respond in 5 minutes


chance of talking to a lead with 6 or more attempts

Hiring a lead conversion platform, like Verse, will ensure every lead is accounted for, including the ones coming in after-hours, on weekends, and during holidays.

Can’t stop following up.

So a lead hasn’t converted to an appointment yet? The fortune is in the follow up. Contacting a lead three times gives you an 81% chance of getting a hold of your leads and six times gives you an even better chance at 93%.

You can use lead data to help gauge the consistency of follow-up, give insight as to when might be the best time to contact, and effectively help you create an effective schedule for following up with your leads. Make sure you’re being realistic with your bandwidth and ability to capitalize on said schedule.

Every lead is an opportunity which means you can’t neglect to follow up with them– even the seemingly stale ones!

Can’t stop answering people.

Your potential customers are calling and yet, 75% of them say it’s difficult to get a hold of an agent or salesperson. Even more so 67% of them will give up on them out of frustration.

Your customers are trying to do business with you. Part of the struggles around communicating with high-intent leads come from a lack of bandwidth of your sales team. There’s an inability to be there for consumers because of other tasks at hand.

Your leads want to talk. Make sure you’re not dropping the ball (and the opportunity for business and relationships).

Can’t let levels of service drop.

While much of the world around us is changing, consumers are not. In a world of Amazon Prime 2-Day shipping, people are still the same consumers who not only appreciate but want instant gratification, excellent service, and comfort.

In fact, a lack of service or the inability to meet consumers on their terms can often deter a consumer from ever purchasing at all. 33% of consumers say it only takes one bad customer service incident to switch to another competitor. And once your customer service reputation is damaged, you’ll find it very difficult to win an opportunity to prove them wrong again.

Can’t stop caring!

Have you ever been on the phone with a salesperson or agent and realized how clear it is they don’t care about your business? Have you ever felt treated like any other customer?

Business and even selling are way less about money and “what can you do for me” and much more about relationships and connection. Your consumers are paying attention. They are intuitive and can tell by tone, language, and body language how much you care about them and their needs.

33% of customers who abandoned a business relationship last year did so because personalization was lacking. –Accenture

So be there for your prospects, go the extra mile, and research ways to connect with your demographic on a personal level. But more importantly, don’t stop caring about them or they will certainly stop caring about your business.

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