The internet has dramatically changed the marketing landscape, especially when marketing windows and doors. Most window installation  business owners understand that their potential customers are searching for window products and services online; what they DON’T know is how to approach online marketing.

There are a ton of ideas out there as to how to best market your window business, and many different strategies to explore. While establishing a marketing plan that works best for your specific business it is important that your teams are implementing correct practices in order for the marketing plan to be as effective as possible.

Below we have laid out 5 practices your sales and marketing teams must implement in order to have a successful business and be the #1 window installer in your market. 

Respond to Your Inbound Leads

Your leads, whether they come in during the work week or in the middle of the night, should always have a timely response. Why? Not only do 50% of leads end up purchasing from the business who responds first, but you are 21x more likely to close a deal when you answer within the first five minutes after a lead fills out an inquiry.

Ensuring every lead is accounted for and contacted, including the ones coming in after-hours, on weekends, and during holidays is key in closing more window installations. 

Follow Up

So a lead hasn’t converted to an appointment yet? Fortunately you have the follow up. Contacting a lead three times gives you an 81% chance of capturing leads, and six times gives you an even better chance, at 93%.

You can use lead data to help gauge the consistency of follow-up, give insight as to when might be the best time to contact, and effectively help you create a successful schedule for following up with your leads. Make sure you’re being realistic with your bandwidth and ability to capitalize on said schedule.

Every lead is an opportunity which means you can’t neglect to follow up with them– even the seemingly stale ones!

Answer Incoming Requests

Your potential customers are calling and yet, 75% of them say it’s difficult to get a hold of an agent or salesperson. 67% of them will hang up out of frustration without ever speaking to a representative.

Your customers are trying to do business with you. Part of the struggles around communicating with high-intent leads come from a lack of bandwidth of your sales team. There’s an inability to be there for consumers because of other tasks at hand.

Your leads want to talk. Make sure you’re not dropping the ball (and the opportunity for business and relationships).

Keep Up Your Level of Service

While much of the world around us is changing, consumers are not. In a world of Amazon Prime 2-Day shipping, people are still the same consumers who not only appreciate but want instant gratification, excellent service, and comfort.

In fact, a lack of service or the inability to meet consumers on their terms can often deter a consumer from ever purchasing at all. 33% of consumers say it only takes one bad window installation to switch to another competitor. And once your customer service reputation is damaged, you’ll find it very difficult to win an opportunity to prove them wrong again.

Care For Your Customers

We have all found ourselves on the phone with a sales agent who was less than attentive towards our needs, did not pay attention to us, or disregarded what we had to say, at least once. 

Conducting business, especially  selling, is  less about money and a “what can you do for me” attitude and more about relationships and connection. Your consumers are paying attention. They are intuitive and can tell by tone, language, and body language how much you care about them and their needs. This is where the appearance of your window technicians also comes into play, having a set uniform and set of standards can go a long way in making your company appear more professional.

Using Verse to Supercharge Your Window Business

While you and your team can successfully carry out the aforementioned “must do’s,”  implementing a lead conversion platform like Verse to your marketing funnel will exponentially increase your sales ready appointments. provides a comprehensive solution that offloads much of the heavy lifting of lead management, so window contractors can focus on the installation work that distinguishes them from the competition and brings in new customers. 

With our next-generation lead conversion platform, engages, qualifies, nurtures, and converts inbound leads into new clients for our window installation customers. Our AI technology and human concierges help contractors with processing new leads and re-engaging old leads generated by your marketing efforts, book appointments with your sales team, and make your company appear much bigger and more professional to your customers.

Interested in using Verse to cover the middle of your sales funnel?

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