5 Most Common Uses of Verse

5 Most Common Uses of Verse

Verse gets a lot done when it comes to the middle of the sales funnel. There are many things that cause leads to slip past salespeople and most of it comes from the bandwidth of being human. When Verse was being built, our team examined where sales and marketing would need help the most. With that in mind, the 24/7 modern contact center was built, thus enabling sales and marketing to focus on their important tasks at hand while Verse converts the leads.

Each of our customers finds value in what we do so we decided to list out the most common reasons sales and marketing teams of all industries and sizes choose Verse to handle their lead management. Verse will:

① Engage New Leads

Speed-to-lead is no foreign concept… nor is the importance of it. Knowing that you are 21x more likely to convert leads with speed-to-lead, many customers leverage Verse to make up for the impossible task of contacting leads 24/7. Now companies are enabled to respond to all new inquiries when it matters most– when you have their attention!

② Qualify Prospects

Salespeople are familiar with the burn out of chasing leads. Hiring more salespeople to cover the lead flow is setting yourself up for (expensive) failure. Qualifying leads is what Verse does best. With speed-to-lead in the picture, we catch the consumer at the most optimal time for connection. Since Verse handles the connection and qualification, you can set your team up to succeed with motivated, ready-to-go clients.

③ Book Appointments

It’s hard to track down leads for a face-to-face meeting. Your salespeople struggle to get the opportunity to meet with customers because they don’t know how to properly reach leads. Since Verse utilizes 2-way SMS communication, the majority of leads can be quickly qualified over text before we book an appointment for your sales team. From cold lead to demo, salespeople can now focus on closing the deal.

④ Nurture Leads Long Term

Some leads just aren’t ready to buy at the moment. Most sales reps only make 2 attempts before moving on. Does that mean they’re no good? Absolutely not. That’s why Verse keeps nurturing the leads. In fact, they will nurture them for up to 6 months, making sure you capture every lead and potential opportunity there is to capture.

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⑤ Re-Engage Stale Leads Sitting In Your Database

How many thousands, or tens of thousands of leads, are just sitting idly in your CRM?  Maybe you’ve been emailing them or getting their voicemail over and over. Verse’s AI software can listen to signals and score your leads accordingly. When a customer engages with your content and is ready for qualification, Verse can reach out at the perfect time with the perfect message so you can reconnect or connect for the first time.