5 Mistakes Marketing Executives Keep Making

Jul 27, 2020 | Marketing, All, Blog

Marketing executives carry the heavy burden of maintaining the reputation of the brand, both internally and externally. The main goal is to support sales in their concerted efforts to close more deals. But the only way they do this is by promoting and elevating the company’s brand and reputation to their potential customers.

The fast-paced, always-moving world of marketing leaves room for plenty of opportunities. Simultaneously, it leaves just as much room for mistakes. While mistakes are natural, there are some which hinder teams from capitalizing on MQLs and revenue. Mistakes are, more often than not, a result of misaligned strategies and lack of communication. And while we’re human and they can happen, the effects of them can be much more public and damaging to the company’s brand. So we decided to point out the five most common marketing mistakes:

1. Assuming your audience isn’t on other channels.

Let’s say this one loud and clear: your consumers are everywhere. Yes, maybe more of them spend time on LinkedIn than YouTube. Maybe your demographic engages the most with video rather than email marketing. That does not mean you should quit those other channels. In fact, integrated marketing is one of the most important ways to give your consumers a cohesive, informative experience on multiple channels. Maybe it takes 3 encounters to get an inquiry. Maybe it takes 40 encounters. Integrated marketing turns your efforts into lead movements. Take advantage of it. 

​“Integrated marketing is aligned with a simple but powerful marketing philosophy: that any interaction someone has with your brand, on any channel, should reinforce their impression consistently, and positively.”

– Lucy Fuggle, HubSpot

2. Skipping proofreading.

We see this all the time. An email with a typo or missing link, a LinkedIn ad with a broken CTA button, or even just a blog with the wrong sources– it all hurts the brand. Marketing’s job is to constantly reinforce the reputation of the company in a nurturing and positive way. Encourage your team to create a system between your team members for proofreading. Our marketing team goes through two proofreading stages before allowing the entire team to eyeball the content before it goes live. This ensures no error is overlooked.

3. Lacking adaptation

Sales repeats their ABC’s — Always Be Closing. Marketing should have their own slogan: Always Be Adapting. Marketers struggle with getting too comfortable sometimes. While a rhythm is important, the general rule of thumb should be to adapt to the consumer at all times. Consumers, and their behaviors, change constantly, and thus, marketers and their strategies should, too. Push your team to use their lead data and adapt the nets they’re casting to the right “lead pond.” Those who adapt, grow. Those who don’t adapt, fall behind.


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4. Losing sight of the big picture

Strategy revolves around staying relevant and consistent. Often marketers get into patterns that make their strategy go stale. This comes down to the “stepping stones” of big goals. Is your team making smaller, attainable monthly/quarterly goals? How often do you examine your metrics? Do you use your data to adjust your content? Does your team have true alignment with their sales team? Your team should be supporting sales. If that is not part of their strategy, there will be a gap sitting between the two teams where leads and opportunities get lost. You are the captain of this team, so it’s important you are steering your team in the direction of alignment.

5. Minimal Research and No Testing

There are a vast number of reasons why research and A/B testing is so important. Simply put, your sales team may be closing less deals because of this oversight. Encourage your team to regularly test pricing pages, inquiry forms, ads, CTAs. Monitor the results and optimize your language or the structure of your content according to the way your consumers engage. This should be happening consistently and often. 

Test. Monitor. Optimize. Repeat.

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