Today’s parents are looking for a lot more than “what’s the closest daycare to me” – they are seeking out centers that provide quality care. Parents are considering curriculum choices and are looking to stay connected to their child’s development and growth. 

Putting in place a child care marketing strategy is often thought of as a time consuming and expensive process that educators, leaders, and directors often only want to focus on once or twice a year. But having an effective strategy in place year-round is essential to fill out vacancies and achieve consistent enrollment!

Finding new clients for daycares is both exciting and nerve-wracking. You want to be at capacity as soon as possible – and you can be with a well-thought-out strategy for marketing your business. Use these tips to build your enrollment and attract more parents and kids to your daycare.

Craft Your Daycare’s Story

The backing for your daycare marketing is the brand story that you must develop.

As a daycare center, your brand story should be focused on answering the most important questions for a parent when choosing which daycare to send their children to. Those can be:

  • Why should they choose your center?
  • What are the core services you offer?
  • What do you want your center to be known for?
  • What do current parents and kids love most about your center?

Another important aspect of developing this story is what sets you apart from other daycares.

In a recent survey conducted by HiMama, parents were asked if they would switch daycare providers if they found a daycare center that offered specific services. 

This is the % of Parents who would switch daycare providers if they found a center that offered these specific services

  • Contactless Payments: 53%
  • Contactless CheckIn: 60%
  • Parent Communication App: 63%
  • At Home Activity Content: 51%
  • Digital Documentation: 63%
  • Assessments: 62%
  • Shared videos and pictures: 80%

Highlighting these services, if provided, can be a huge boost in differentiating yourself from other businesses in your market. 

Create Informational Drip Campaigns

Choosing a daycare is rarely a snap decision. On the contrary, parents take months, even years considering the best options for their child.

With this type of long sales cycle, you need marketing tactics that create periodic touches, providing continual value.

An informational drip campaign is a method used in direct marketing to acquire customers through lead nurturing. It involves sending marketing information to prospects repeatedly over longer periods to nurture prospects or leads through the sales funnel. 

By sending this information multiple times to the same prospects it will expose them to your daycare regularly. This will increase their familiarity with your business and allow you to re-engage with them in the marketing and sales funnel. 

This can be achieved through email and social media campaigns. 

Build a Strong Reputation and Get Reviews

In the world of daycares and preschools, there is no better referral than when one of your parents recommends you to one of their friends. Likewise, there is nothing worse than an unhappy parent telling people to stay away from you.

Today, this “word of mouth” also happens online in the form of reviews. Prospective parents will check your center’s online reviews and if your reviews are too negative, it can be detrimental in attracting more parents to your daycare.

You must make efforts to manage your online reputation and create a positive review profile.

Use CRM Tools

If you are running a daycare center or preschool of any size, you’ll benefit from getting your marketing, advertising, and lead-generation organized with marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) software.

A CRM can help make the best use of your data and reveal valuable customer insights such as how they are best marketed to and how they respond. You can then turn those insights into successful business decisions.

74% of businesses who use a CRM say that it has significantly increased their access to customer data. By implementing a CRM software, you will be able to create an overview of each person you connect with and engage more effectively.

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