G2 Announces Verse.io as Top 10 in AI Sales Assistant

G2 Announces Verse.io as Top 10 in AI Sales Assistant

The Summer reports for G2 are in and Verse.io is officially in the Top 10 for Conversational Marketing and  AI Sales Assistant Software alongside Conversica, Drift, HubSpot and more!

Here are all of the awards and badges given to Verse.io

High Performer Conversation Marketing Software and High Performer AI Sales Assistants reflect the highly satisfied customer scores by our reviewers!

Users Love Us reflects the high star rating given by our customers!

5/5 stars for Verse.io on G2 Crowd.

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The Sales Funnel and Meaningful Human Connections

The Sales Funnel and Meaningful Human Connections

The business world at its core is composed of people and the deep-rooted need for all people, both sellers and buyers, is human connection. Any sales person knows connection is the difference between a comfortable buyer or an agitated and uninterested one.

However, sales and marketing teams struggle on finding the best ways to connect with consumers due to their ever changing nature and desire for immediate gratification. The sales funnel, in each of its portions, should integrate to make sure a lead is connected with at every point, from top to bottom.

To establish human connection from lead generation to closing, a breakdown of the funnel with unique ideas on reaching prospects can help your company convert more leads and close more deals.

Top of the Funnel

So how can marketers separate their brands from others while still maintaining human connection?

Using cool swag to give to both customers and employees is a positive way to spread branding and connect with consumers on a personal level. Going to a trade show and offering water bottles and tee shirts will attract many people simply because people love getting free stuff. 

It can, also, be a new marketing strategy. Sending leads and targeted demographics free stuff is a great way to introduce yourself due to its less aggressive approach toward getting their attention. It simultaneously gives them something useful for their daily work space.

Smell is the sense that creates the most powerful impression on your brain. So next time your potential customers pick up their cup of coffee to smell and drink, make sure it’s your logo on their cup.

-Palm Tree Promotions

According to Jet Marketing, consumers are 2.5 times more likely to have a positive impression of promotional products compared to internet advertising. Even better, 87% of people keep promotional products for over a year. A simple strategy such as swag can have such a large and positive impact on a brand.

Trying to get water bottles, totes, shirts, stickers and other various branding materials would typically require going through multiple companies. So Swag Up decided to fill this void by offering all of it with a customizable swag pack, a simple uploading of files and logos, and an easy checkout process.

All in all, it’s unique, captures the attention of the consumer, and spreads brand awareness across the board. Swag Up can be a great additive to an already existing marketing strategy while still maintaining the important element of authenticity and human connection.

Middle of the Funnel

The “handoff” between marketing and sales happens in the middle of the funnel and this is where human connection can easily get lost. Somewhere between generating and contacting leads can be fickle and slow, creating a disconnect between the potential consumer and the seller. 

There are two important ways to solve this problem:

  1. Offering text. Upon generating a new lead, sales teams might find themselves calling this lead, maybe even more than a few times. What some sales teams don’t realize is 89% of consumers prefer text communication. Why? Because consumers are all about instant gratification. They want to talk when they feel like talking and text allows them the ability to respond accordingly. Consumers can feel less bombarded when they receive the legitimacy and comfort of text. 
  2. Speed-to-lead. It’s no mystery for companies that their leads are 21x more likely to purchase when contacted in the first five minutes of filling out an inquiry. Getting to the consumer fast establishes top-of-mind awareness, a “wow” factor, and a presence detection of the brand for the consumer. It also ensures another company isn’t getting to them first. 

These two things have been deemed unsolvable or unmanageable by many teams. Not only is it not unsolvable, but negating the human connection is not an option, as it results in lost money and time. 

Lead conversion companies such as Verse can save your sales team from stretching themselves too thin. Verse is able to contact a lead via text within five minutes for qualification, so sales can focus on taking the appointments for qualified leads instead of doing the filtering themselves. Human connection is preserved and companies can see more appointments and money by investing in such a platform.

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Bottom of the Funnel

Since human connection has been established and cultivated in the first two-thirds of the sales funnel, your in-house sales team can now take over and manage nurtured and qualified leads. Sales teams are not ignorant to the need for personable relationships with consumers and as other measures have been taken to maintain that authenticity, sales teams are simply picking up right where marketing left off. 

At this point, the brand is maintained in a positive light, the consumer is comfortable and feels catered to, and the salesperson can continue to answer questions, be available when necessary and prioritize the qualified buyer better. 

Overall, these methods and the personal connection to the lead will result in more deals and less time wasted and will continuously boost your brand and general reputation as a company.

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Content Marketing and the Magic Penny

Content Marketing and the Magic Penny

Marketing teams will tell you: if you want a quick win for your business, content marketing is not for you. It’s a lot of hard work and requires time and patience. But then Darren Hardy introduced something that might make you think twice about skipping out.

Right now, would you rather have $3 million or 1 penny that doubles in value for only 31 days?

Day 1: $3mil 1c
Day 5: $3mil 16c
Day 12: $3mil $20.56
Day 20: $3mil $5,243
Day 29: $3mil $2.7m

If you chose the $3 million, you’re realizing you made the wrong choice:

Day 31: $3mil $10,737,418.24

Content + Time + Consistency = More Reward

“Well, if I chose $3 million, I’d still be happy I ended up with $3 million.”

As a business, that’s a dangerous statement to make. Because ultimately, you’re saying you are willing to settle for less.

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Consistency is the key to achieving and maintaining momentum.

Darren Hardy

Content Marketing is King

Many of the greatest rewards in life take time and patience with little to no results up front. 

Content marketing is much the same. With consistency and time, customers grow to trust a brand and word-of-mouth becomes as easy as sharing a link or social media post. A tree takes a while to produce fruit. But once it does, it produces regularly. Think of your brand this way and understand these reasons why content builds your brand to produce fruit:

1. Content marketing isn’t superficial.

When building and creating content, you’re creating resources and expertise for consumers to use for themselves. Content marketing is essentially giving and giving to your consumers without asking. Then when the end of the year comes, you ask for something in return. You’ll notice people trust a brand when they’re treated like humans instead of a check.

2. Content marketing is cheap. 

Again, go back to the magic penny. If it is only a small investment manifested over time, it’s worth it. Compare this to spending on campaigns and advertisements. Content creation is free and social media platforms and blogs are, too!

3. Content makes your leads more likely to convert.

Believe it or not, content marketing is responsible for 6 times as many conversions as traditional marketing. It’s the difference between a warm and cold lead. Sales ends up loving marketing leads because they’re usually high-intent. Since they’ve been following along and have more of a “journey” toward purchase, these leads are low-hanging fruit for marketing to convert and for sales to close. 

4. Content spreads like wildfire.

Much like the penny doubled daily, so do the effects of content. After a year of consistent content marketing, you’ll notice your call-to-actions are sparking much more responses or leads. Per dollar, content marketing produces 3 times more leads. Even more so, as your customer base grows, so does customer referrals. It’s a win-win as the trust only further solidifies in your target customer. 

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Chatbots: Missing the Middle of the Funnel

Chatbots: Missing the Middle of the Funnel

Businesses trying to sell their product or service are constantly dealing with the handicap of being overworked and understaffed. In sales and marketing, this could not be more relevant. The influx of leads and the quality of them often result in managers panicking as they try to scale leads without scaling their team.

The problem is in the middle of the funnel. And although there is “conversational marketing” and expensive tech stacks that claim to solve this problem, most of them solve only part of the problem. 


Many marketing and sales teams know the importance of conversations with leads. Conversational marketing is a widely used “solution” but there are ways they aren’t completely cutting it.

Chatbots converse with the lead, making the initial contact with prospects more personable and interactive. However, we’d go as far as to say a Chatbot is basically no different than an inquiry form, seeing as it’s only the difference between a lead filling out a form and submitting their information to a chatbot. 

The questions a Chatbot asks a website visitor are the same questions a lead would fill out on the inquiry page. Many companies are not always aware of this as it does not count as lead qualification. It’s simply the entryway of your sales funnel.

Purchasing softwares to assist sales and marketing needs to be controlled in the most reductive sense. Essentially, how can you capitalize on the most leads with the least amount of tech stacks for the most amount of ROI? Chatbots, though they seem to generate more leads, don’t fulfill a lot of the problems in the sales funnel, so it’s important to note what other gaps Chatbots seem to neglect:

  • Lead follow-up 
  • Genuine language and conversation
  • Qualification


With a misaligned funnel, it doesn’t really matter if the Chatbot generates 500 more leads per month, there are leads still being lost. How? If a lead answers all of the Chatbots questions, there is still typically a 50% chance businesses won’t follow up within 24 hours. Even after five minutes of no contact, the chances of getting a consumer to purchase shrinks substantially.

Often businesses see these holes and they begin investing more money into other sales funnel solutions to fix them. And although Chatbots can be a great asset, the most ROI will be found in a solution that lets sales focus on qualified prospects and simultaneously gives data back to


of consumers say they expect Chatbots to have some sort of negative impact on their buying experience.

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Let Sales Focus On The Qualified

Ultimately, it’s possible to have a minimal amount of software and still be able to reach all leads. Chatbots only deal with marketing leads, so it’s not even catering to the full funnel, other softwares have their own contingencies. 

When leads come in, they need to be scored on whether they’re engaging or not. When they see how a lead is qualified or scores high enough, salespeople should be notified. So if you have a great sales team that is talented at what they do, Chatbots are still leaving them to do extra tasks in the handoff. 

There should be something in place to score leads and notify sales of qualified prospects so they can focus on the “ready-to-purchase” leads. No salesperson wants to get an appointment with someone who isn’t a good fit or won’t purchase.

An All-in-One Software Solution

Tech stacks aren’t all overpriced and ineffective. In fact, the solution really is simple. What we know to be true when it comes to lead management is:

  • A lead should be contacted within five minutes of being generated (at any hour of day)
  • A lead should be given a range of communication options for their comfort
  • A lead should be nurtured for up to six months and qualified before booking an appointment with a sales representative

Verse decided this solution could be made simple. An all-in-one lead conversion software, set to integrate with any CRM tool for any sales and marketing team. This software would be hosted by a 24/7 modern contact center, where AI ensures the effectiveness of communication while human representatives standby to step in where personable language is necessary. 

This software initiates conversation with every lead at all hours of the day at any day of the year. The leads are offered text, email, or phone communication and are nurtured for six months. Verse’s Success team helps our clients create a pre-generated script for qualifying questions so our contact center can live transfer or book an appointment with your sales team.

Verse created this lead conversion software to ensure a solid and aligned sales funnel, where marketing can get real data from qualified leads and sales can stop wasting their time chasing down prospects who aren’t even going to purchase. Instilling this software and program, overall, creates a more unified and profitable sales funnel. 

The results are in the ROI. Lead conversion is notably the most difficult obstacle in the sales funnel. An all-in-one software solution that gives you the maximum conversion rate? Can’t get much better than that.

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MQLs or Bust: How to Generate Hot Leads

MQLs or Bust: How to Generate Hot Leads

Let’s face it: marketing qualified leads (MQLs) are the difference between a truly aligned sales/marketing effort and a clogged sales funnel. Allocating leads followed by deciphering between suspects and prospects are some of the more tedious parts to the buying process. However, when a sales team is handed that MQL, things speed up rather quickly.

So how do you gain more MQLs?

Going the extra mile in your marketing strategies will ultimately be what attracts your potential consumers more often than not. These are some practical, yet specific places to start:

  • Magnetic, cohesive content – This is branding 101. It should all look universal, represent the company accurately, and have high quality imagery. People might not be deterred by inconsistency, but it definitely won’t attract them either. In fact, 78% of consumers will trust your brand if you create more personalized content. Try establishing fonts, colors, photography, and editing styles up front. That way they can be implemented ahead of time when building out content.
  • Video, video, video – Video marketing is a non-negotiable. Businesses saw a 66% increase in leads when using video on their channels and website. While we’re gearing toward high-intent leads, this is where high quality video geared toward the right demographic and audience can truly capitalize on the leads that will eventually purchase.
  • Call-to-action buttons – This seems like such a simple answer. But many don’t include their call-to-action buttons where they should. Do you scatter pricing or booking buttons throughout your website and blog? Are they obvious and noticeable? Are the buttons easy to understand and straightforward? Are they strategically placed (i.e. next to or under a video or ebook)? Take a look at your platforms and take notice of your CTAs. Would you click that button if you were the consumer? Read more tips on CTAs with statistics to back them up here — https://www.protocol80.com/blog/2019-cta-statistics
  • Nurturing and follow up – Ah, the dreaded hand-off between sales and marketing. This is typically where the most high quality leads get dropped or lost. Asking marketing to nurture and qualify leads is a heavy-duty task, one that requires lots of attention and bandwidth. However, CRM tools should be of assistance for your teams to manage customer interactions. Fixing lead nurturing issues can lead to a 79% increase in conversions. The fortune is obviously in the follow-up.

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“When creating your lead nurturing strategy, do not think about nurture in isolation. You want to deliver coordinated, relevant, customer experiences across all of the channels your buyers use.” –Marketo

The Secret Sauce to MQLs

Following up and nurturing all of your leads sounds like a distant dream. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it shouldn’t be. All of that hard work, money, and time put into generating those leads should mean every lead goes through qualification and follow up.

There should be conversation revolving around the transition to the middle of the funnel. If these leads are already engaging with your content, they are likely more than happy to engage in a quick follow up and lead qualification.

However, the reason it feels like such an unattainable goal is due to the bandwidth of human teams and businesspeople. It’s inevitable leads will slip through the cracks at the hands of sales and marketing. 

Fortunately, technology is much more efficient and effective.

Using a lead conversion software like Verse can substantially spike rates in lead conversion for sales and marketing teams. With this kind of lead management, every lead not only gets contacted with an omnichannel approach, but qualified and converted into appointments much more seamlessly. This guarantees a solidified sales funnel and a maximized ROI on all marketing efforts. Not to mention, it’s stress off of your teams’ backs to juggle all the conversations and follow-ups on their own.

If you really want to see more MQLs and simultaneously get the biggest bang for your buck, outsourcing a lead conversion contact center is going to be your surest bet. Verse’s software integrates with any CRM tool, so any data from qualifying conversations can go straight back to marketing to better evaluate and adjust their lead generation strategies.

Content is the fire. A lead conversion platform is the real gasoline.

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