Introducing Agents To Their Digital Destinies (Via BiggerPockets)

“Being busy may be a rite of passage in the real estate industry, but what happens when agents simply can’t keep up with all their leads?”

-David Tal

David makes his return in yet another feature for BiggerPockets! This time, our founder plunges into the digital depths of the real estate industry, providing crucial tech tips, statistics, and resources that will scale the business (and success) of any Realtor®.

Click below to learn how to “leverage these tools and technologies to turn your one-man show into a multi-person powerhouse.”

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3 Real Estate Facebook Groups Every Agent Should Join

Connecting with real estate experts and fellow colleagues on Facebook is taking agents to the next level.

It’s 2017 and the real estate information highway is located on social media, but let’s be honest… Facebook is at the forefront of it all – especially when it comes to real estate. Today, not only do you have to drive traffic to your listings and website, but you also need to be constantly engaging with industry experts, other agents, and your customers.

Success in the real estate industry is often based on who you know, and we have 3 Facebook groups that will help take your real estate networking to the next level. Facebook has over 1.5 Billion active monthly users… yes Billion with a “B”. With that many active users, you are bound to find the right information and people to talk to in just a few clicks. Below are 3 groups we recommend you join to better your networking and marketing:

Lab Coat Agents

With over 65,000 agents this is easily one of the best groups to join on Facebook. The premise of the group is to “explore the science of real estate”. Lab Coat Agents is known for creating great connections to industry experts and fellow agents. It also allows you to learn about new technology and software that benefits agents as well as getting the “know how” on best practices. This group is great for agents at all stages of their careers and will really help you take your business to the next level!

Lab Coat Agents

Real Estate Agents Who Want Real Results

This group’s ideology says it all in the name. This group has over 16,000 members and the overall message is to have the freshest most relevant content and conversations in the industry. Real Estate Agents Who Want Real Results prides itself on relevant information that can help agents take their business to the next level while also having fun. They really stress GROWING your business with tips, best practices, and forums that allow agents to engage and learn with ease.

Real Estate Agents Who Want Real Results

Real Estate Agents That REALLY Work

This group has around 21,000 members, and it is a great group for agents who are really looking to grow their business. The nice thing about Real Estate Agents That REALLY Work is that it is “new agent friendly”. It is great for new agents who have made their first couple of transactions and looking to do more and become a full time agent. The combination of new and seasoned agents makes this group a breeding ground for great ideas and advice!

Real Estate Agents That REALLY Work

Verse, Inc. Ranks No. 894th on the 2017 Inc. 5000

It was a sincere honor and an exciting milestone to be recognized as the #6 Fastest Growing Company in San Diego.

During the celebration, in the midst of the confetti, flying corks, and break-dancing astronauts, someone suddenly shouted: “Wait! We just received an email from Inc 5000!”  

This year is their 36th annual Inc. 5000: The most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment— its independent small and mid-sized businesses.

Companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Pandora, LinkedIn, Yelp, Zillow, and many other well-known names gained their first national exposure as honorees of the Inc. 5000.

And, stacked up against thousands of competitors, we earned the 894th spot in the nation!  

To be recognized in any way by such nationally renowned powerhouse is an accomplishment that defies words, and we are so grateful!

The Tech Connection: Tools That Bring Agents and Buyers Together (Via Inman Connect)

This month,  I had the great honor of presenting Verse at Inman Connect in San Francisco to a group of 2,500+ of our industry’s brightest minds and thought leaders. I was able to share how Verse is shaping the way businesses communicate with their online consumers, and how we’re bringing back the human connection that has been eroded over time with human-replacing technologies.

Throughout the week, I connected with hundreds of people on a 1-on-1 basis and learned what brokers, teams, and agents need help with the most. Namely, they need help with engaging their potential clients quickly and following up. This is where they see the most waste and where Verse can step in to provide much needed back up, support, and help increase conversions.

Having been previously featured in Inman News, it was an honor to speak to their audience directly and share why we’re so passionate about what we do every single day!

The Evolution of Verse : A Real Estate Podcast


…[We] continue to evolve what we have. We never settle and have a culture of continuous innovation. We want to be so far ahead in first place that everyone else is competing for 2nd.

Earlier this week, David Tal – our CEO – took part in a bare-all podcast, providing an inside look to Verse and recounting his meteoric rise to being the Most Admired CEO of an explosively successful real estate tech company.  

In a brand new segment titled “Stay Wealthy, San Diego”,  Taylor Schulte breaks bread with the brightest leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators that San Diego has to offer. During his special appearance, David:

  • shares the motivation behind our concierge service
  •  breaks down the secret to our innovative qualification process
  • details his experience in securing over $5 million from venture capitalists,
  • imparts crucial advice for young entrepreneurs,
  • and, most importantly, discusses how it all stands to benefit the Realtors® within Verse’s network!

Learn more about David’s backstory, and get a behind the scenes peek at how the formula for success was (and continues to be) developed!