VP of Sales

Marketing Manager


We convert your inbound leads into hot prospects.

Engage, qualify and convert your prospects with conversations powered by our unique blend of people and smart technology.

Conversations that Drive Lead Conversion

Engage, qualify and convert your prospects with conversations powered by our unique blend of people and smart technology.

VP of Sales

Stop Wasting Marketing Leads

Online leads generated by marketing are impatient and forgetful, so they need immediate attention and rigorous follow-up.

The problem is sales reps don’t have time to make both of these things happen, resulting in missed opportunities and lost leads.

Verse reduces marketing waste by instantly contacting and following up with every lead, asking qualifying questions, and only passing hot prospects to your team.

Human powered conversations at scale

Verse’s multi-channel conversational enablement platform couples relentless follow-up with genuine human response from our 100% U.S. based concierge team to help identify hot leads.

Once someone is qualified, you’re notified immediately. We live transfer leads to you or set up an appointment on your calendar.

Verse equips you with real-time engagement history, conversation data, and lead enrichment so sales teams are ready to hit the ground running.

Supercharge your CRM with real-time data

It’s easy to plug any lead source or CRM into our platform. Verse can trigger field updates, send engagement history, pass lead info, and more.

Instant contact & human conversation

Immediately invite every lead to have an authentic, two-way conversation that helps us identify qualified leads for your sales team.

Gather data and track results

The insights dashboard gives you full visibility into how each lead channel is performing. See conversation data, response rates, and more.

Qualified leads go straight to sales

Our mission is to make sure your sales team is only spending time with hot prospects who are ready to take the next step.

(and we love them right back)!

Go beyond email lead nurture
Verse communicates with people on their preferred time and terms using authentic, two-way conversations powered by real humans.

Stay connected to stale leads
Just because a lead goes dark doesn’t mean it’s dead. We nurture unresponsive leads for up to 6 months and help contact old leads who are ready to re-engage.

Customize your engagement
We combine our script expertise with your deep knowledge of your business to tailor the perfect content and timing of every message.

Ready? Let’s Go!

We’re ready to drive engagement for your leads and produce results for your team.