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Verse turns your new leads into sales-ready opportunities through immediate AI-powered and human-driven conversations

Hi Jeremy, this is Alex with Simple Solar! Thanks for your interest in our services. Just have a few questions. Would you like a quick call or would you prefer to text?
Hi, that was fast. Text, please.
We try to be quick here . To kick things off, what type of property do you reside in?
A single family house

Verse works with companies of all industries

How Verse works

Verse offers a unique blend of 2-way AI-driven follow-up via SMS and by highly trained reps

Why Verse

Verse helps businesses follow up and convert more leads into sales

More deals

Immediate follow-up leads to higher conversion rates. Slow follow-up is one of the most costly problems within sales and marketing.. Verse follows up with leads within 5 minutes to substantially increase conversions and closed deals.

Happier leads

Follow up on your leads’ own terms and right away (day, night, weekends, holidays). 85% of leads prefer to communicate over text. And if they want a call, we have that covered too.

More efficient sales reps

Remove the grunt work of chasing down leads and talking to unqualified ones.  Your sales reps should focus on what they do best – closing deals. Your business will make more money and your sales team will be happier.

Significant savings

Eliminate the costs of having teams and contact centers follow up with your new leads.  With Verse’s easy integrations and award-winning onboarding specialists, we can start engaging with your leads within minutes.

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